The project will enable significantly more efficient water recycling at the mining sites and the valorization of the solid waste residues. Both improvements will bring cost savings and added income streams at mine sites. Additionally, the overall environmental footprint will be minimized and the positive image of the mining operations will be enhanced.

Table of characteristics:
  • Title of the project: Integrated Mineral Technologies for More Sustainable Raw Material Supply
  • Call H2020 issue “Sustainable selective low impact mining”
  • Duration: 3 years: 1.6.2017 – 31.5.2020
  • Budget: 7.9 M€
  • Partners: 16 partners
    • 9 industrial partners, 2 RTOs and 5 universities
    • From 7 EU Member States (Finland, France, Austria, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain and Portugal)
    • Additionally from Turkey and South Africa
  • Coordination: VTT
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